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Making You Smile is a borderless branding agency creating meaningful brands. Our team will guide you through the journey of building a powerful strategy and implementing it with elegance.

We bring your brand to life.

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Our mission is to create purpose-driven brands that contribute to making people’s lives a little brighter each day. We help brands tell beautiful, sincere, and engaging stories that make people want to join in...

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"Unless you lay a solid foundation first, it's impossible to keep the clarity and consistency that you need to engage the right audience across your different customer touch points. This is why our work always begins with your brand strategy."

Taehee Kim Verney-Carron,
Founder of Making You Smile

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Brand strategy

We will help you develop a brand strategy aligned with your brand’s soul and your company’s vision. As part of (re)shaping your brand, we will start to work on articulating your key messaging.

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Visual brand

We will continue (re)shaping your brand with a visual design that fully reflects the strategy we defined together during the step 01.

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This is the moment when we make your brand shine. After having defined the step 01 and 02 together, we will move forward with implementing it on your website.

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Marketing &
training support

We will assist you with carrying out work related to your (re)branding across key customer touch points and building your company culture around it.

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Founded by Taehee Kim Verney-Carron, Making You Smile is a branding agency whose strength lies in its multicultural team composed of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Meet the team


JHB Brand Design

JHB Consult

In the spring of 2021, Jan-Hendrik Burger took a leap. A South African-born lawyer based in Paris, France, he left a top international law firm where he had spent more than 15 years of his career in order to launch the business he had been drawing up for years. Mere weeks after committing to follow […]

Verney-Carron au musée de la chasse à Paris


Established in 1820, Verney-Carron is the longest-standing gunmaking house in Saint-Étienne, France. Still owned and run by the family carrying the same name, the company was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label by the French state in 2010. In the context of preparing for its 200th anniversary celebration, the client wished […]

Clarsi visual brand design


Clarsi is an IT development agency located in Brittany, France. The agency, set up by Franck Divet in 2010, is often praised by their clients for their user-centric approach, tailor-made in-depth consultancy for each case, and system architecture suggestions that are always immediately effective and open to long term evolutions. Making You Smile stepped in […]

Beauty Brand

The founder of a new millennial skincare brand whose launch is planned for the second half of 2022 asked Making You Smile to support the project throughout the preparation process from day one all the way through until the first product is released. The client’s core objective is that every single factor that shapes the […]

Well Clinic

Well Rehabilitation Clinic is a private medical institution located in the central business destrict in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is one of the first clinics in the city that puts empathy at the heart of its culture. Wanting to build the brand around this important value in an authentic and sustainable way, […]

Hera - repositioning strategy - photo shoot n°1


Hera is one of the big international brands that belongs to Amore Pacific Group, the Asian beauty conglomerate headquartered in South Korea.


Jan-Hendrik Burger
Founder of JHB Consult

"A huge THANK YOU to this dream team for working their magic and turning my business vision into such an elegant brand! It was a great collaborative experience."

Cyrille Elsen
CIO of Verney-Carron SA

"The Making You Smile team helped us redefine Verney-Carron’s brand identity and then apply it in a consistent and global way (editorial, visual, and digital). I appreciate the first positive outcomes, and I know that what’s coming next will be even better!"

Franck Divet
Founder of Clarsi

"Making You Smile was able to clarify the key differentiators of our agency and put simple words to them, like magic."

Ga Young Park
Founder of Young Cosmetics SAS

"Working together with this branding agency is a big turning point for me as it is truly effective for shaping a brand that I feel confident about and proud of."

Daehwan Kim
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Doctor & Managing Director of Well Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

"Taehee has been advising us about how to build and nurture our brand culture, which I, as the director, especially enjoy applying within our team."

Eunim Lee
Former Senior Vice President Marketing of Hera, Amore Pacific Group

"We had a wonderful experience working with Taehee. She brought us her dynamic energy and great branding insight during the years we were trying to reposition the then skincare-oriented Hera brand into an iconic global beauty brand from Seoul with a focus on makeup. Her holistic approach to branding and storytelling was very refreshing..."

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