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Beauty Brand

Beauty Brand


The founder of a new millennial skincare brand whose launch is planned for the second half of 2022 asked Making You Smile to support the project throughout the preparation process from day one all the way through until the first product is released.

The client’s core objective is that every single factor that shapes the brand is defined and created with clarity and consistency.

What we are helping the client to achieve

Brand strategy elaboration


Visual brand design

  • Designer in charge - Eva Ackermann


Packaging, website, social media and other marketing tools.

Project visuals


Taehee Kim Verney-Carron - Founder & Brand Strategist
Eva Ackermann - Illustrator, Graphic & Web Designer
Jamie Walters - Senior copywriter
Kira Vygrivach - Photographer & Filmmaker

Client testimonial

"Working together with this branding agency is a big turning point for me as it is truly effective for shaping a brand that I feel confident about and proud of."

Ga Young Park
Founder of Young Cosmetics SAS

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