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Hera - repositioning strategy - photo shoot n°1




Hera is one of the big international brands that belongs to Amore Pacific Group, the Asian beauty conglomerate headquartered in South Korea. Traditionally, Amore Pacific was a company recognized for its powerful and innovative skincare brands both in Korea and overseas. When they decided to reinforce their position in the makeup markets, one of the first strategic moves they made was to build a task-force dedicated to transforming the Hera brand into a dynamic luxury makeup trendsetter. As part of this shift in strategy, they solicited Taehee, the founder of Making You Smile, for her consulting services.  

What we helped the client to achieve

Brand strategy elaboration
  • Identified which distinguishing factors needed to be strengthened and defined the makeup innovation strategy around them
  • Built a network in Europe composed of experienced makeup artists/consultants and competent suppliers to reflect the repositioning strategy into the key image driver products (including lipsticks, eyeshadows, and seasonal collections)
  • Created Hera’s unique personas embodying the brand’s values, story, and lifestyle

Project visuals

Hera - repositioning strategy - photo shoot n°1

Photos by Slam / ©Slamphotography

Photos by Slam / ©Slamphotography

Photos by Slam / ©Slamphotography

Photos by Slam / ©Slamphotography


Taehee Kim Verney-Carron - Founder & Brand Strategist

Client testimonial

"We had a wonderful experience working with Taehee. She brought us her dynamic energy and great branding insight during the years we were trying to reposition the then skincare-oriented Hera brand into an iconic global beauty brand from Seoul with a focus on makeup.

Her holistic approach to branding and storytelling was very refreshing, and her consultancy was particularly helpful in addressing the cross-cultural business challenges we faced throughout the whole rebranding process.


Eunim Lee
Former Senior Vice President Marketing of Hera, Amore Pacific Group

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