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Verney-Carron au musée de la chasse à Paris




Established in 1820, Verney-Carron is the longest-standing gunmaking house in Saint-Étienne, France. Still owned and run by the family carrying the same name, the company was awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) label by the French state in 2010. In the context of preparing for its 200th anniversary celebration, the client wished to expand its customer base by repositioning the company’s brand, Verney-Carron, under which all of its products were proposed by adding sub-brand names across different market segments (including La Manufacture Verney-Carron, L’Atelier Verney-Carron, Verney-Carron Security, and Verney-Carron Défense).  

What we helped the client to achieve

Brand strategy elaboration
  • A “moving-upmarket” strategy capitalizing on the two-centuries-old company’s unique heritage and know-how, as well as the premium image of their bespoke/hand-made hunting gun service
  • A single brand name for all the hunting-related product ranges to create and nurture one clear and consistent brand identity
  • A decision to move the group’s security and defense activity into a completely different brand name, “Lebel”, to build a more efficient and focused positioning/targeting strategy for each business
  • A total brand makeover via redefining its key messaging, storytelling, and visual styling strategy
  • Better international visibility by reworking all the contents in English
Visual brand design
  • Designer in charge - Mengzhi Zheng
Implementation Websites
    • Copywriting, design, and development of the bilingual mini-site dedicated to the bespoke/hand-made service targeting those seeking the highest-quality products
  • Copywriting and redesign of the verney-carron.com website around an e-commece and multilingual solution (Sylius / Symfony) – planned to be online in early 2022
Other marketing tools
  • Bicentenary year PR – press agency recruitment, press kit design and content creation, press event and photoshoot organization in Paris, media interviews support, etc.
  • Instagram makeover + weekly storytelling guidance (visuals and copy)
  • New print ad for Verney-Carron Collection
  • New catalogues
  • And more

Project visuals


Taehee Kim Verney-Carron - Founder & Brand Strategist
Mengzhi Zheng - Art Director
Ludovic Frit - Social Media Strategist & Copywriter
Kira Vygrivach - Photographer & Filmmaker
Jamie Walters - Senior copywriter
Florent Verney-Carron - Head of Digital

Client testimonial

"The Making You Smile team helped us redefine Verney-Carron’s brand identity and then apply it in a consistent and global way (editorial, visual, and digital). I appreciate the first positive outcomes, and I know that what’s coming next will be even better!"

Cyrille Elsen
CIO of Verney-Carron SA

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