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Well Clinic

Well Clinic


Well Rehabilitation Clinic is a private medical institution located in the central business destrict in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is one of the first clinics in the city that puts empathy at the heart of its culture. Wanting to build the brand around this important value in an authentic and sustainable way, the client contacted Taehee, the founder of Making You Smile, to provide ongoing consulting services.  

What we helped the client to achieve

Brand strategy elaboration
  • Defined the clinic’s positioning and targeting strategy
  • Identified the key distinguishing factors and infused the brand strategy into the whole team culture
  • Advised on how to ensure that the daily operations line up with the organization’s core values and brought the staff together around the common goals of turning them into empowered brand embassadors

Project visuals


Taehee Kim Verney-Carron - Founder & Brand Strategist

Client testimonial

"Taehee has been advising us about how to build and nurture our brand culture, which I, as the director, especially enjoy applying within our team."

Daehwan Kim
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Doctor & Managing Director of Well Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

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