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Ludovic Frit - Social Media Strategist & Copywriter

Social Media Strategist & Copywriter

Ludovic Frit

Along with his extensive experience in digital and web marketing, Ludovic is passionate about social media management and content creation. Whether it is for a small brand with a tiny budget or a big company with significant resources, he knows how to drive campaigns to achieve optimum results by thoroughly defining how to reach the right target audience with the right content strategy.

In his previous role where he managed all the social media accounts of the company he worked for, he quickly became a legend by building very proactive communities that generate valuable leads within a few months after taking on the position despite their limited media spend.

A natural born writer, Ludovic’s empathetic personality enables him to see inside the minds of his target audience to come up with the types of engaging messages that speak directly to them.

In his spare time, he likes doing DIY projects with his young daughter and reading science fiction books. His favorite TV series is Kaamelott, a historical fantasy drama, which he indulges in regularly.


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